Message Board – Contractors Required

Persons required to be placed on a “Freelance & Contractor Register”
(In Melbourne, Australia only)

Spectrum Visual Media / Spectrum Graphic Media / National Fashion Network requires a list of freelancers or contractors that may be required to participate in possible future projects as required. (In Melbourne, Australia only)

The kind of people (or small contract businesses) that we require for registration:

Areas of specialisation:

Qualified and experienced –

  • Software Tutors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Print Brokers
  • Illustrators or artists (digital, fine art or mixed media)
  • Multimedia persons (various areas)
  • New Media practitioners (most fields considered, eg exhibitions, display engineering such as robotics, etc)
  • Persons experienced with exhibitions
  • 2D and 3D creators and animators
  • Videographers and Editors (mainly short films)
  • Documentary Makers and Producers
  • Photographers
  • Lighting and Sound Recorders / Editors
  • Sign, display, poster makers
  • Feature Film makers
  • Skilled Prepress persons

Students and ex-students are eligible, however their folio, skills, etc must be to industry standard or show great potential.

Note: You must provide a quality folio in hard copy, electronic or web based.
A resume will be required.

Persons From Education

Qualified Trainers and Ex-Trainers will be considered for various training contracts where available.

Persons from Business Development, Management or Marketing

  1. Persons with Business Management skills will be registered and consulted as required.
  2. Marketers (appropriate arrangements will be made with the selected contractors.)
    Note: At this stage no full time positions available in marketing, only freelancers / contractors / casuals.
  3. At this stage, persons who refer a successful paying client to Spectrum Visual Media / Spectrum Graphic Media / National Fashion Network may qualify for an agreed commission.


How to Register:

Please register your interest within ASAP week via email direct to

Please include:

  1. Name, address, all contact details, area of specialisation
    (Eg Web Designer – you will be registered under this. You can register under several specialisations)
  2. Any other skills or interests.
  3. When you are available to receive the work and how. When you will perform the work if known. (Eg weekends only or evenings, etc)
  4. Samples of your folio or links.
  5. A resume.
  6. Current employment status. (If employed, how often and where you work).
  7. Be prepared for an interview.

For our future meetings, please consider turnaround times, skills required you need to do the job and estimate of hourly rate and total job create costs.



  1. To qualify for work you must be register on the list.
  2. Being registered on the list is no guarantee that jobs will be issued to you, subject to availability.
  3. Freelancers / Contrators are welcome to market to, introduce new clients or bring in their own clients.
  4. You should have your own equipment and software, or access to some. (I cannot guarantee that I will always have equipment or software available.)
  5. The ability to work on your own premises, or mine from time to time as required.
  6. Payment will be made after the job is invoiced and delivered.
  7. All jobs must not breach copyright regulations in any form.
  8. The freelancer / contractor will foregoes copyright on the contracted project.
  9. Freelancers / contractors are liable for their own mistakes or technical issues. (Quality will be checked wherever possible but no guarantees made.)
  10. Acceptable remuneration will be arranged individually.
  11. Spectrum Visual Media / Spectrum Graphic Media / National Fashion Network retains the client relationship at all times.
  12. Spectrum Visual Media / Spectrum Graphic Media / National Fashion Network retains the right to select the appropriate freelancers / contractors for work. Multiple contractors may be required on some jobs.
  13. Freelancers / Contractors outside of Melbourne Metropolitan area will rarely qualify, however, may be considered under certain circumstances.
  14. Other conditions may apply.
  15. Jobs will be issued to contractors and freelancers based on certain criteria:
  16. The most suitable contractor will be chosen for the job.
  17. Can perform the job within specifications and within budget.
  18. Availability
  19. Reliability
  20. Able to meet the respective deadlines.
  21. Qualifications, skills, technical, knowledge, experience
  22. Areas of specialisation
  23. Proximity to client or Spectrum Visual Media / Spectrum Graphic Media / National Fashion Network
  24. Under special conditions :

Eg: Special circumstances including dire need, financial stress, long term unemployed, etc.



If more than one contractor/freelancer is suited for the job, then the selected contractors are able to bid for the job and the most appropriate contractors chosen.

Only suitable contractors will be selected from the register and contacted IF chosen for a project.
Not everyone on the register may be notified of a job if a specific range of contractors are identified first. Special conditions may apply.